"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

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Experienced Internships Provided

Are you interested in gaining experience as a family mediator or building on the experience you currently have? I provide a100-hour internship program to support mediators in developing their skills and experience in a supportive and structured environment. I have been a mentor to a number of interns over the years and with 16 years of experience, I am able to provide training that is relevant and current with best practices. In addition to providing internships, I continue to provide training that is mandatory for accreditation or certification and ongoing training in Assessing for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances for Family Mediators a madatory 14 hour program and a 7 hour advanced program for continuing education requirements. The training I am involved in contributes to my ability to remain current on trends and important issues emerging in the field of mediation.

I have co-developed and implemented other court based internship programs and have trained some of the most respected mediators in the community.  My internship program allows for mediators to apply theory to practice and continue to develop their understanding of family dynamics, conflict resolution theories and family law issues while in a supportive and while in a supportive and structured environment with a seasoned senior mediator who has extensive experience in the field of family mediation and working with interns. Interns are exposed to cases with a broad range of dynamics and typically with comprehensive issues that result in a rich and diverse experience. 

Intern Qualifications

The qualifications required to participate in the internship program follow the Ontario Association of Family Mediation criteria for family mediators.  Interns must have a professional degree or the equivlent in either the law or behavioural sciences and must have completed a 40 hours of basic training in family mediation, 20 hours of training in family mediation skills training and 14 hours of training in Assessing for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances for Family Mediators. In addition interns must have professional liability insurance with a minimum of 2 million per incident coverage.

Interested candidates may send a copy of their resume to info@darlenemurphymediation.com.  Candidates who meet the required criteria will be invited to participate in an interview with Darlene Murphy.  If requested by either interested candidate or Darlene a preliminary phone interview may be scheduled.

Internship Fees

The fees for the 100 hour internship is $3,000.00 plus HST to be paid in full upon commencement of the internship.  Internships are typically completed within 4 - 6 months of time. Interns will also be provided with additional training within the 100 hours based on their specific needs. Start times vary depending on current intern as I only take one intern on at a time to ensure quality mentoring.

Graduate InternsTestimonials

Testimonials from interns that I have mentored and that have graduated from my programs can be found on this website under the testimonial tab.