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Elder Abuse Mediation

Darlene Murphy, Antoinette Clarke and Professor Atsuko Matsuoka have together developed a model of mediation for Elder Abuse within a Restorative Justice framework. The authors understand the complexities of elder abuse and the reluctance of many elders to report abuse to the criminal justice system to intervene in their family relationships when abuse is present.

Our model supports the Elder's safety first and foremost and the participants making decisions that are thoughtful, individualized and relevant to them. The model includes a strength based perspective and a narrative restructuring process, that is grounded in research related to elder abuse and is respectful to all who people that participate in the process.

Participants safety is of critical importance and the model was designed to continuously montior the safety of all participants while looking for opportunities to create situations that engage the participants to be accountable for their behaviours and responsible for their choices.

This process provides an opportunity for the participants to design a plan that has meaning to them and their families. Resolutions often include ongoing support and monitoring of the agreements to keep the participants safe. We stongly recommend the involvement of practioners with specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the dynamics of abuse and mediation skills.


 Elder Abuse Mediation & Restorative Justice

                                                          "The Model"

Darlene Murphy, Antoinette Clarke and Professor Atsuko Matsuoka have published the model of Elder Abuse and Restorative Justice they developed in the book titled "Diveristy and Aging Among Immigrant Seniors in Canada: Changing Faces and Greying Temples" Edited by Douglas Durst and Michael MacLean 2010, chapter seven. In addion the authors have presented their model several conferences at the Family Mediation Conference in Banf, Alberta and Mississauga, Ontario. In addition a well received workshop was presented at the Ontario Association of Elder Abuse Conference in Toronto, Ontario in 2005.