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Family Law Lawyer Testimonial

I have known Darlene Murphy since 2000 when I moved my family law practice to Durham Region. As a family law lawyer, I believe whole heartedly in the role that mediation plays in resolving family law matters.  I have seen the postive results of Darlene`s mediations in many of my family law cases.  Ms Murphy has an excellent reputation for resolving highly contenious issues and helping parties to reach agreements that benefit both sides. I find her to be compassionate while being realistic; she is known for getting the job done no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Manfred Schlender LL.B. 

Law Office of Manfred Schlender, Oshawa, ON.  289-222-4120

Family Law Lawyer Testimonial

Simply put, Ms. Darlene Murphy is the most skilled mediator I have had the privilege of working with since I started in Durham Region over fourteen years ago. Her skills have led to a high success rate in her mediations. I have seen her obtain amicable resolutions in cases where, due to the polarization of the parties, I thought it was impossible. From a lawyer’s perspective, Ms. Murphy is a pleasure to work with. Her written material is very detailed and easy to understand. From a client’s perspective, Ms. Murphy is an excellent facilitator of discussion and resolution. She is firm when necessary, but also flexible enough to allow parties to craft resolutions specifically tailored to their own unique circumstances. I cannot recommend any mediator more highly than Darlene Murphy. 

Clayton Spencer LL.B

Law office of Clayton Spencer, Whitby, ON. 905-665-01667

Family Law Lawyer Testimonial

Mediation can be one of the most effective methods of resolving family law issues. It takes a special person with specialized skills to help couples reach agreement during the emotionally-charged time following the breakdown of the family unit. Darlene Murphy is always the first person I recommend to my clients interested in mediation. Over the past twelve years practising family law in Durham Region I have been involved in many cases with Darlene where we have worked effectively as a team to provide clients with the advice and guidance they need from the early days following separation through to a completed and legally binding separation agreement. In my experience, Darlene’s skills as a family mediator are simply unparalleled.

Sophie Hills LL.B, Barrister and Solicitor

Elliott & Hills Oshawa, Ontario 905-571-1774 

Family Law Lawyer Testimonial 

I have known Darlene Murphy both professionally and personally since I began working in Durham Region ten years ago. As a family law professional, I have had many opportunities to work with Darlene and I have referred many of my own clients to her. I state without hesitation and with my utmost professional respect that there is no mediator to whom I would refer clients before recommending Ms. Murphy. Whether families are making difficult decisions regarding their children or dealing with the financial complexities of separation, the legal process can be challenging and confusing for many. Darlene Murphy has a thorough understanding of the issues, the challenges and the needs of families who are going through a breakdown in the family unit. Some people regard separation and divorce as one of the most painful experiences in their life. It is critically important to have a caring, compassionate and experienced professional to help direct families to a final resolution. Whether one chooses to resolve their legal matters in court or outside of the court process, a skilled mediator can facilitate a holistic, case specific resolution of all of the parenting, support and financial issues. Darlene Murphy is just that-a highly respected and trusted mediator.I have seen Darlene facilitate agreements in some of the most contentious and acrimonious cases that I have encountered. She has resolved cases that I felt certain were destined to only be resolved after complex and protracted litigation. Her experience and skill are unrivaled!

Helen Nolan LL.B Family Lawyer

Family Law Lawyer, Durham Region

Family Mediation Internship Testimonial

Darlene Murphy is an outstanding and exceptional Family Mediator who can instantaneously tap into a family conflict and provide the very best skills needed for a balanced and positive resolution. Throughout my internship, Darlene became my mentor by exuding professionalism, empathy and respect for family mediation. She understands the intricate web of family dynamics and is able to effortlessly untangle the unsuccessful patterns of poor communication within any relationship. I have witnessed numerous cases where Darlene has transformed the way a family interacts when others believed there was no hope. She constantly strives to benefit the well being of the children and the parents by providing equilibrium within a dissolved family. Darlene Murphy is an extraordinary professional in her field and constantly models and honors the very best in alternate dispute resolution.

Mary-Louise Taselos M.ED.

Principle and Owner of Polaris Learning Centre, Toronto, ON