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Elder Mediation Services

Elder Mediation Services

"Elder Mediation" is the mediation of any dispute or conflict involving an older person. Mediation by nature is cooperative, private, informal, supportive and non-confrontational and lends itself well to resolution of disagreeements with people of advanced age.

Darlene Murphy Acc. F.M., E.M. is a fully Accredited Elder Mediator through the Ontario Association of Family Mediation.

Darlene is a professionally trained mediastor who posses skillful, current knowledge about the types of issues that are particulary likely to be associated with older adults. These issues can include:

  • estate and retirement planning
  • driving and transportation
  • housing and living arrangements
  • health care and medical decision making 
  • safety in community and home
  • abuse and neglect
  • caregiver responsibility
  • relationship concerns
  • new marriages and blended families
  • religious issues
  • holiday schedules
  • financial concerns
  • family business
  • guardianship
  • end of life issues

Please contact Darlene Murphy for any further information.